Session Information

Kiss “I’m not photogenic” 

Why Headshots?

Your face is everywhere these days. We live in a world where people see your face before ever meeting you in person. And that world only needs one-tenth of a second – the speed of a first impression – to decide what they think of you. That’s why having a stand-out headshot is essential to you, your brand, and the success of your business. These days it’s not just actors and models who need great headshots. Headshots are necessary for business owners, CEO’s, sales coaches, professional speakers, real estate agents, and anyone else who is taking their public image seriously. If you’re looking for the best headshots in Tulsa, look no further. Here we will tell you what you can expect from a headshot session with Andrew, the photographer at Hello Headshots. 


The Best Headshot You’ve Ever Had

Andrew’s goal is simple: to give you the best headshot you’ve ever had in your life. Andrew is a headshot specialist and is an expert at making anyone look and feel great on camera. A great headshot has the ability to make a powerful connection with the viewer. Many people feel that looking great on camera is an innate ability, but this is not the case. Looking great on camera is a skill that anyone can learn and Andrew is here to show you how. It’s not about how attractive you are – it’s about the ability to make a human connection with the viewer through your eyes and expression.




The Session

Depending on your needs, your headshot session could be up to an hour in length.  Before the session begins, you and Andrew will go over your specific needs for a headshot, your target audience, your brand, and what to wear for your session. An actor and the CEO of an oil company have very different brands and target audiences. During the shoot, Andrew will work with you to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. You may think this will be impossible for you, but don’t worry! The majority of people feel the same way. Beyond the lighting, angles, and technical aspects, Andrew will make it the best experience you’ve ever had in front of a camera. The result? Genuine expressions that make you look and feel your absolute best.