Squinching – All the cool kids are doing it

Squinching – All the cool kids are doing it

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Squinching – All the cool kids are doing it | Tulsa headshots

Let’s start off with an example of someone who understands the power of the squinch in Tulsa headshots. Show us how it’s done Brad.


Do a quick google search for Brad Pitt. I guarantee he’ll be squinching in nearly every photo. Why? Because it makes him look insanely cool and confident. Now you’re probably thinking, “But I don’t look like him, I would look dumb doing that.” False! Squinching is not a tool reserved only for the rich, famous, super attractive movie stars. It’s a trick ANYONE can use to add a serious dose of cool to their headshots. If you still don’t believe me, do a quick test. Take a selfie while staring blankly at the camera. Now take a second selfie while squinching. The difference is powerful.

Squinch, don’t Squint.

If you did that test, you may have made the crucial mistake of SQUINTING instead of SQUINCHING. Squinting will not make you look cool and confident in your headshots – it will just make it look like you’re trying to read something far away. Squinching is a magical spot in between a blank stare and squinting. It’s accomplished by slightly raising the lower eyelids. Unlike, squinting, where you put pressure on both the upper and lower lids as well as the eyebrows, squinching focuses only on the lower lids. If you’re having trouble getting the feel for it, try this: tip your head back so you’re looking straight up at the ceiling. Keeping your head tipped back, look straight down with your eyes as far as possible. You should feel some pressure on your lower eye-lids. Now let your head come back to a normal resting position while maintaining that lower eyelid position. This may take a few tries and it won’t feel natural at first. It helps to practice in a mirror.

Deer in the headlights

When most people looking for Tulsa headshots step in front of my camera for their session, they get a serious deer in the headlights look. When people are smiling, this isn’t a problem. It’s when we’re going for a more serious facial expression or a “small smile” that it becomes evident. This is where learning the art of the squinch is vital to the outcome of those confident, serious shots that make it look like you’re ready to take on the world. While it may seem like a small adjustment, it changes the look and feel of an image in remarkable ways. The first thing we look at in anyone headshots are their eyes. The eyes are the gateway to the soul (overused expression but true nonetheless).

Don’t be afraid to experiment 

Most of the time clients are nervous about trying to squinch for the first time during their session. They’re self conscious about trying to do anything other than a big smile for their Tulsa headshots. Believe me, I understand. I used to feel the same way when people took my headshots! Learning to look and feel confident in front of the camera takes practice but it is something ANYONE can master – not just Mr. Pitt. The advice I give to every client before the session begins is to let their guard down and experiment. The more expressions you try the more comfortable you will feel which will lead to incredible results.


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