What to AVOID in professional headshots

What to AVOID in professional headshots

Bad headshots

What to AVOID in professional headshots

Everyone can benefit from having a great professional headshot, not matter what industry you’re in. However, people in different industries might require different types of headshots. A lawyer and an actor have very different target audiences and require distinct types of images. Each headshot session I do at Hello Headshots is tailored to each person’s needs. Even though they may vary in style (lighting, expressions, wardrobe, etc.), there are certain best practices we follow to ensure that every headshot stands out for the right reasons. Let’s go over the main no-no’s when it comes to professional headshot photography. Here are a few things I see all too often from other photographers that are slightly soul crushing:

1. Busy Backgrounds

Great professional headshots should draw the viewer’s attention to the subjects face. After all, it’s called a headshot! But all too often we see headshots with overly distracting backgrounds – brick walls, trees, flowers etc. If a photographer puts you directly up against a background of any kind, that should be a red flag! Separation from the background is essential to have the focus of the image remain on the person’s face. Otherwise, the person’s face will either blend into the background or the background will command too much attention. When your headshot only has one-tenth of second to make a first impression, the last thing you want people paying attention to is the background.

2. Distracting Wardrobe

Dress for success, right? Well, sort of. Things are a little different when it comes to headshots. Just because a certain piece of clothing looks great on you doesn’t mean it will automatically be good for your headshot. Clothing with stripes, polka dots, or patterns of any kind will command too much attention. Again, we want the focus to be on your face and nothing else. I always recommend solid colors and shirts with sleeves that lay flat across your neckline. If you’re wearing a shirt and tie for a business headshots, it’s best to go with a solid colored tie as well.

3. Extreme Editing

Have you ever seen a headshot where the person looks like they’re made of plastic? Or where the whites of their eyes are as white as paper? Inexperienced headshot photographers will often edit the life out of their photos. If done correctly by a professional, headshots will need minimal editing to come out looking great. Headshots need to look authentic and natural in order for them to make a genuine human connection with the viewer. Don’t trust a photographer whose portfolio is filled with people who don’t look like people.

Our Process

My goal is always to make people look and feel like the best version of themselves. If you’re looking for the best professional headshots in Tulsa, you can trust that Hello Headshots will give you a finished product that follows the best practices of professional headshot photography. We are experts at making sure your headshot stays focused on YOU – not the backgrounds, wardrobe, or editing. We shoot our studio headshots on a white or dark gray background to maintain a clean, modern look. Our professional retouching process will make sure your images retain their authentic look while adding just the right amount of “punch” to make them stand out from the crowd.

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